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Hi, new 350z owner North West

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6 hours ago, davies700 said:

Thanks Ridz and yes when is your next run out going to be?


Spatt and Rob are the NW regional events organisers, so keep watch on the regional meets postings for information on NW run outs. They are always a good day out with a chance to meet other Zed enthusiasts. Hope to see you on the first run of the season.

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6 hours ago, Rob350 said:

Iv been organising a few meet and drives out in the northwest around clithetoe area, been doing 3 or 4 a year, usually an hour's drive on some good twisty roads then stop at a cafe then another hour's drive back. Usually get about 10 cars. I'll be organising one about March, give time for the frosty mornings to go and let people get their cars out of storage. Keep an eye out for a post around end of Feb.

March is a bit optimistic about the frosty mornings lol. Wasn't the eastern beast laying siege to us last March?

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