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BMW 330D Msport for 350Z


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Hi, I am looking to swap my 2006 BMW 330D Msport for a 350z.


The Reason!

I bought this last year with the intention of using my vehicle as the 'family car' more, however due to working through the week, and my wife having her focus set up with pram in boot, seat on rear seat etc its actually a hassle to swap just for a day out at the weekend, so I have proven my car really only needs to get me to work and back!


The Car!

So its a black 2006 BMW 330D Msport.

Automatic gearbox

150,000 miles

DPF removed and remapped

Cream leather interior

Metal detailing inside (a lot seem to have wood)


Factory tinted rear windows


Colour coded wheels

LED angel eyes

carbon fibre emblems on front, rear, wheels and steering wheel

debadged rear

black kidney grill



The car is looked after at BMWizard in Oswestry, who has helped me out no end. The car had cut out issues, and after going to a generic garage and having the main loom replaced (cost £700 and is, in their defence, a common issue on these), it turned out to be the injectors. We had all 6 replaced, and with the rest of the engine looked over throughly (turbo and engine confirmed to be particularly strong for the car), the car is now running better than ever (better than new due to the remap!)

It also had its MOT a few weeks ago and is now good to go. I have replaced the standard fluids, oil, antifreeze etc in the time I have owned it. It has also had a few different 'special juices' run through the system (the type Halfords sell which you put in with your fuel, not sure they do much, but can't do any harm!)

I also spend a lot of time cleaning the car, it received a full machine polish when I got it last year, a wash once a week and a full glaze, wax etc every month.


As I mentioned, the car is used daily for work (around 35 mile round trip) but also on the big runs to the beach. I took it to Shepton Mallet last weekend, covering 300 odd miles in the day, and it was a pleasure to drive and averaged 50mpg (a mix of driving, country rounds on the way down, motorway on the way up)


For those interested, it is by far the quickest car I have owned (including the zed and R33), and leaving my friends Corsa VXR for dust. It really is the car which ticks all of the boxes!













Given the work that has gone into it, and its condition, I would like to think its swap value is around 6-7k. High compared to others you may find, but I feel it is justified when you know the car.


I am looking for a 350z, not that fussy, mods are ideal




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In all honesty bud, I highly doubt you'd get that kind of swap value for it unless it was a TT or something along those lines. I could be wrong but my mate just sold his 330d msport for just over 4k and it had around 90k on the clock plus loads of work that he had done to it.


We always value or own cars higher than what people would expect to pay and we're always disappointed with what we get offered for em but good luck with the hunt.



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I have been offered a few cars equal to a zed, as well as 5.5k cash, but I am waiting out for the right car. 4K seems way too cheap for one of these in my books


I have just scanned through eBay and mine is average, can't find any 4k!

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5.5k's not too bad.


I wouldn't rely on eBay for prices mate. I'd check auto trader, and Gumtree is also good at times to get an average idea of price.


Maybe the price of them up here in Scotland differs to those down south as they're a lot less than 6-7k.

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