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Bouncing Rev Needle


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Hi all,


I start my car cold in the morning / evening and my car drives fine, until I get to roughly operating temperature, at which point between 1500 - 2500 revs the rev needle bounces uncontrollably. I would say this happens for roughly half a minute, at which point the issue will resolve itself (unless I drop a gear to raise the revs first).


My car is up-to-date on servicing, has been re-mapped (but the issue was there before then) and only has a Scorpion cat-back and Cosworth filters fitted.


My car is a 2007 HR, and other than this and the clicking axle (which I'll sort), she is perfect!


Any help is appreciated!



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If something was dirty though would I not always have the issue? Not just at one specific point?


Honestly I don't know enough about it to say for certain. I just know that I have seen a number of times people having or erratic idling or rev issues and it was tracked down to either the MAF or air filter element.

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