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At Kaizer Motor we always tried to provide the best service (with OEM Nissan parts, top quality lubricate and 3 Nissan Trained Master Technician on site) possible on the lowest prices.

In the last 12 month (due to unforeseen supply and price issues with parts) we had to raise our prices significantly to keep our business alive.

I was constantly trying to find a way to keep our service prices down and I'm happy to let you know I managed to find a new supplier for OEM Nissan parts which I will pass to our customers with our new service pricing.

Example our P1 service with Genuine Nissan parts and Mobil 1 fully synthetic engine oil for a 350Z now will only be £125.85 including VAT for the members of these forum.(This price is include the 10% forum discount).

To give you even better value for your money all our services include a 4 wheel alignment check and the biggest P3 service also comes with free MOT.

For more information and detailed service prices please visit our website at

Thank you very much for your support over the years


Best regards Sly.

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If and only if you were closer to me =( Great deal there!!!


I come every year all the way from Luxembourg... no excuses :thumbs:


In all honesty, the reason I go is because I wouldn't trust anyone else with my car other than Sly or his technicians! Plus the stealership prices over here are off the charts insane! (Plus they have no idea what the hell they are doing)

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