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Replacing an air fuel sensor heater bank 1

Andy b

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I would appreciate some advice my 350z engine management light is on the diagnostic says it's the sensor above .I have been to Nissan who were really helpful but they do not know how difficult it is to get to or replace the sensor I know there are two of them





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Andy, very easy to replace providing you have the proper socket.


I have new and pre owned sensors in stock and good to go same next day.


However I would recommend that you get the job done at a Nissan dealership who knows there way around a 350 or go to a recommended Indy.


Just drop me a PM if I can help further and a DTC would be helpful.



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could I purchased another used air fuel sensor as my 350z is coming out of the garage and getting seviced they want both sensors I purchased the other one last year of you

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