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Lloyds Autobody - Great experience!


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Hi all,


Just wanted to spend some time to give a positive review for a company who have put a lot of effort in to get my car right over the last three weeks. The reason I want to put this here is because I really feel they deserve it, a lot of effort went in to make sure the car was perfect, there was no "that'll have to do" attitude shown at any stage of the process.


My car is a Tempur Orange HR, a colour that is a three stage pearlescent and very difficult to match.


The story started last year when someone hit my car in the gym car park and then drove off, taking no responsibility at all. The impact damaged the front bumper and also caused damage to the wing in mutliple places, this meant that the bumper and wing both needed repair work and then painting to match the rest of the car.


Long story short the car went in three weeks ago, they had trouble matching the colour perfectly and had to use multiple paint specialists before the colour match was perfect (at no extra expense on top of the price I had been given), but I got the car back on Saturday morning and she looks perfect, meaning I am one happy owner who would very much recommend them to anyone in the North West who needs any kind of paintwork/bodywork fixing.


The web address is: http://www.lloyds-autobody.com/liverpool.php





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