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[SOLD]Nissan 350z GT pack 44k for reluctant sale

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Firstly, i apologies if i'm not allowed to post yet, this makes my 100th post.


This reluctant sale comes from a change in circumstances requiring me to now purchase a house, for this a deposit is needed which is tied into this car.


I have only owned this car for 2 months (May) and in that time was very happy with it, it did have a gearbox issue to which has been fixed under warranty as well as the knocking at the front which has seen 1 banana arm and 2 drop links replaced and the knock is gone.


Details of the car:


Its silver and has good condition leather heated seats, no rips. Good condition orange Brembos, electric folding wing mirrors, Bose subwoofer, HIDs, cruise control. The Bose head unit has been replaced with a SONY bluetooth double din stereo which i liked.


I have changed the antenna for a stubby one which can be seen in the pictures and also have the Nissan emblem shine on the floor when the door is opened.


The car has a full service history and was serviced before purchase, it comes with 10 months M.OT (May 2016) and has no advisories


HPI Clear and no finance outstanding, i paid for the car from the sale of my previous car.


Service history as follows:


*Nissan P1 Service - 8567 miles 08/09/06

*Nissan P2 Service - 11657 miles 26/08/08

*Nissan Sales oil and filter service 23401 Miles 21/07/11


*Virginia park garage Annual service Mileage 29564 11/07/12

*Virginia park garage Annual service Mileage 40606 19/06/14

*Parkway motor group Sales oil and filter Mileage 43186 30/04/15


Latest M.O.T No advisories but before advisories include drop links, front Arm, discs and pads.


All of which have been done hence the latest M.O.T showing clear.


It was purchased on 43,500 miles and it now had 44,300.


Looking under the car, it appears to have the Y-pipe replaced as it looks very new and it looks Jap speedish which may have something to do with the nice sound it has, the rest of the exhaust looks standard.


It has usual stone chips on the front bumper with a few minor blemishes typical for a car of its age, it didn't put me off the purchase.


I had this put on a dyno to see what it had for its age and the dyno results showed 266hp for anybody interested.


I'm looking for £7000 which is already a loss at which i paid for it 2 months ago, i think i was the 3rd owner (if you can class me as an owner for the limited time)


She is currently declared sorn as to claim Tax and insurance money back + not to increase mileage, she also has £50 worth of V-power fuel


I am Based in Nottingham


Anyway here she is.


























Car does not come with Rays allots, pictures below to show condition of the car in the light.







Anyway i am open to all comments about condition or price, i wont be offended.


I have offered it back to the garage so she could sell, it is also on Gumtree for a little more than advertised here.


I hope i have met all of the requirements.


Please let me know if you have any questions.

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Nice car with low miles, I would be interested but not until I get some reasonable offers on my current car (320d) which is for sale - it seems with a car so common people have too many to choose from :(


Good luck with you sale!

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Just checking in on this after selling my car - I didn't realise this car was SORN until now,


Correct me if im wrong but will this not make viewing/ testing of the car very difficult?

When going to see a car I would hope it can be driven to make sure everything is as it should be

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It does make things a little more difficult yes but I cannot keep paying tax and insurance on a car that's I'm not driving, plus the tester would ideally need insurance too.


The way the tax has changed makes it difficult but the area I live the car 'could' be driven around the estate as it off main roads and has 1 entrance but speeds would be 30 Max, its what I had to do when I sold my 120D.


Serious interests I could b tempted to tax for 1 month but buyer would still need insurance to drive it :) congrats on the sale BTW.

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The way the tax has changed makes it difficult but the area I live the car 'could' be driven around the estate as it off main roads and has 1 entrance but speeds would be 30 Max, its what I had to do when I sold my 120D.



Not that I'm trying to be difficult BUT wouldn't that get the test pilot in a lot of trouble with the police if they happen to be driving around the estate? I wouldn't advise you offer test drives on a SORN'd vehicle..

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I did say I'd be tempted to tax the car for a serious interest but the tester needs to unsure the car.


My estate takes all of 20 seconds to drive around too.. It is what it is, ita sorn, I would be tempted to tax, tester needs insurance if we play by the rules of the law down to the letter.

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