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  1. Was there any conclusions made to this thread? I'm having the same issue with my handsfree kit, speed and road type seem to be irrelevant and whilst incoming audio is excellent I've been described as being in a fishbowl at best! I've been treating this as a warranty issue with the dealer who have changed both the microfone AND control unit so far, unfortunately to no avail...
  2. alright fella, one evening this week would be good and I guess anywhere on the 33 makes sense... either the pub or we could go for the classy approach and meet in Tesco's car park in Chinham... drop me a pm and we can arrange
  3. Hey Chris, liking the progress, especially the reversing camera! I may well get in touch with Brian and order one, but wouldn't mind a demo before... if you're around at all can we meet up so I can have a look?
  4. 126 - Quartz - ChrisP better late in than never...
  5. Definately just round the corners; think it's primarily related to curviture and not necessarily speed, it seems to be worst at left hand down a quarter rep. Will try your man and see what he thinks so thanks for the pointer. Of course I've checked the nuts, what you think I am??? The thing just started on Sunday tbh otherwise I'd have quizzed you on it at the pub, and on the 'ahem' test drive... you looked far too comfortable in the Ibiza but if you lend me the 370 you're on next time!!
  6. I have a problem that's just started with the z this week; when going round a near side corner I get a vibration coming through the steering column. The vibration has got streadily worse through the week but doesn't happen when turning right. The vibration seems to be coming from the off side front of the car; it feels almost like a loose wheel, but have checked and it's still there! I had a look around the wheel last night and nothing was appeared loose or like it was rubbing. However, I did notice a loose washer in the upper wish bone mount. Have they got a habbit of coming loose, should it be like that?
  7. you including shipping in the price? if so I'll take it...
  8. time to give the car a Chrstmas present; is this still available?
  9. BT adapter sold. Cargo Net still available.
  10. gutted! I'll hold hands up and say clips are still attached to the net and will be in future
  11. A sad day as I have said farewall to the 350Z. As a result I have a BT adapter and Cargo net that need a new home. BT Adapter (good condition, boxed with instructions) - £75 Cargo Net (good condition but used) - £10. Cash, cheque or PayPal accepted thanks
  12. It's approaching 'new tyre' time, anyone got suggestions about which tyres work best with the Z? Thanks





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