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  1. Heh i had to double check myself - was very hard to see in the pick, so can see why you thought it
  2. It does have them - might not be able to tell from that shot - but they are there
  3. jtec23

    Heart Broken!!!

    Bravo for staying so calm! Not sure what I would have done in a similar situation - broken down in tears probably
  4. Yeah my one has the white interior and the sticker seems almost embedded in the fibreglass rather than a sticker you can just pull off.
  5. jtec23

    GT4 Wheels

    Hey - anyone have a set of the GT4 wheels in good nick they are willing to part with? Ta
  6. Absolutely loving it here - not really a fan of the drift or gymkhana parts myself but the rally side of it is truly spectacular - handles like a dream here with minimal tweaking of the wheel setup for once! Huge fan of these games, with this and Shift 2 its been a good month
  7. jtec23

    Bucking Zed!

    Just wanted to update this thread incase others came across a similar issue. Ian - she's just come back from her P1 service and exactly as you found this has cured the issue. I did try and find out what happened in the P1 that might of fixed this - but the Nissan techs didn't seem to know either! Anyway happy days she's running lovely again (after a a replaced wheel bearing too - ouch!) Many thanks to you and others for trying to find the issue!
  8. Terribly sad to hear this - R.I.P Ian and condolences to his family and friends
  9. Nice price - looks great condition - keep her clean Welcome
  10. Looks very cool mate - i love it
  11. the idea is to match it with the black version of this http://www.zunsport.co.uk/product.asp?id=151 So yeah I think the Matt version will look better there
  12. oops missed that bit - no worries
  13. Great thanks guys - me likey! Dene8 - is that Matt carbon?
  14. Not sure who's this is, got it from another thread - but pretty much what I wanted - so thought I'd add it here





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