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  1. Haha yeah they did, i've got to be honest though, we were all surprised at how much extra it made with a new intake :P it's now around 69 Bhp above standard, and with more potential with better fuel is nuts. Testament to the Kudaka performance intake. HIGHLY RECOMMEND this product for anyone after actual increases in power.
  2. Yeah i believe so, it needs more octane and i reckon thats what is stopping it, I'll be going back with 105 RON to see how much further it can go.
  3. Hi mate, build list is as follows; Fully rebuilt VQ35DE engine - Wiseco 12:1 compression pistons with brand new rings. Brian crower lightweight forged rods with toughened main bolts. Balanced Crankshaft Re bored and honedcylinders Block re-decked Upgraded oil pump Cometic metal headgaskets New water pump New belts Brian crower 272 duration and 11.66mm lift camshafts Plenum spacer Lightweight flywheel £300 Stage 3 ceramic clutch PPE longtube headers wrapped in heat-bandage Z1 y-pipe and single exit exhaust system Kudaka 90mm intake with velocity stack and cold air mounted. I will post the dyno sheet in a sec
  4. I wish more people knew about this guy, his work is second to none, i personally highly recommend as he loves the Z platform as we all do and he's bringing parts to us that are as good as they are made in the US if not better! AND without import costs. The intake helped me get my DE TO 345BHP much love for this new venture, i think my pockets will be empty soon.
  5. Still looking to purchase the wheel spacers.. any chance you could message me your details? I can pay via paypal immediately
  6. Sound, what is your paypal, let me know how much and i can transfer whatever is owed.
  7. Could you post the wheel spacers ? To CT2? V interested in them
  8. Interested if you could deliver for 65
  9. Would you take 400 and i'd collect when we're all able to make non-essential journeys?
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