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  1. Sent you a message on WhatsApp
  2. Anth4130

    Best next mod!

    Welded diff Hydro But the biggest down fall in drifting a Z in my opinion is the standard lock, sucks ass. I use a FATUK kit. Better than wisefab and not as expensive. Just realised how long ago this post was made, doh.
  3. I've just put coilovers on my 350z and when I go to put the hubs on full lock they don't stay there(up off the ground), it doesn't full self centre... I'm pretty certain my last 350z, after installing coilovers, didn't do that. I can't remember if it does it both ways, I'd have to check when I'm back at the unit tomorrow. Any idea what could cause it? Yes coilovers are on properly. It's not stupidly low.
  4. Anth4130


    Been sorted now
  5. Anth4130

    Plenum spacer

    Seeing what's in the 2nd handmarket
  6. Anth4130


    No eBay pap/copies HSD/BC True rears preferred
  7. I'm on my phone at the moment can't see sigs
  8. I tried before I fixed the rad and removed the thermostat with removing the bonnet to aid the heat getting out of the engine bay but it still did it. I haven't tried since. When I'm at big tracks it kind of did it but not as bad, it was probably the start of the leak in the radiator maybe? I've been thinking of drilling holes in my front bumper behind the reg plate for when I'm drifting to help airflow. Then put my reg plate back on driving about then no one will see big holes lol. I've bled it alot at the weekend, the expansion tank isn't losing any water and I'm getting hot air when I should. Next time I'll be drifting will be on 31st on a proper track. I might have a quick test the day before or the end of this week. It's only really the time the overheating happens... when I drift.
  9. Where I practice no not really - its pretty much a kidney layout. The track track where I play is a big track, alot more airflow 4th/3rd gear. Ill keep trying to bleed it out. There is a pipe that goes from the front of the engine drivers side to the passengers side, that looks like it could hold air very easily... No idea how to try and bleed that out! Ive asked a couple of people on my Facebook and theyre saying airlock also. How do I know I have truely got rid of all the air? Seems like I only find out when I go drifting lol...
  10. I'm overheating ONLY when drifting... Radiator cap - new Radiator - standard repaired (had a damaged bottom tank seal) Thermostat - now removed (before it was removed it overheated alot faster) Where I practice is pretty much 2nd gear (not limiter bashing) I don't know whether it's the fact that there's no traffic after a 'lap' to wait in to give it a chance to cool sightly. Needle starts to rise after 5 minutes of constant drifting. Idling: fine Driving normal: fine Spirited driving: fine Drifting: temp problems The fans do work. They will be wired in manually soon. I'm very certain the coolant is bled properly, I know they are a bitch in these cars. But I get hot air when I should etc, etc. It gets to the point sometimes where it fills the expansion tank and overflows! I'm pretty much out of ideas other than getting a thicker radiator and better fans. (Ideally dont want to mess about with a radiator as Im doing a 1JZ conversion soon) Last time I was at the track I had similar problems, but it was drinking the coolant then temps raised (I believe that was due to it pissing out the leaky radiator). It never overflowed and there are no symptoms of headgasket failure. I haven't tried a sniffer test. Any ideas? Should I bleed it more, even though it seems like it is bled? Im half tempted to bleed it everyday until the 31st (next drift day on a track) Another thing to note is that the coolant is probably more 90% water now, I refuse to put it to what it should be until it stops wasting it.
  11. It's sorted now, I don't want to go any lower than it is.



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