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  1. I used MLR 10w50 when I was using the V6. No oil cooler, never had any problems. Standard grade oil I was getting low oil pressures when it was hot (I hot lapped if the opportunity was there), on the off chance I tried the thicker oil before putting a cooler on and it was fine so kept running it.
  2. As title says Posted be great.
  3. That's what I bought it as... No noises.
  4. £1500 for both Also adjusted prices.
  5. ENGINE SOLD Gearbox - unknown mileage, done around a year of drifting. Missing remote shifter and mount - £500
  6. Sent you a message on WhatsApp
  7. Anth4130

    Best next mod!

    Welded diff Hydro But the biggest down fall in drifting a Z in my opinion is the standard lock, sucks ass. I use a FATUK kit. Better than wisefab and not as expensive. Just realised how long ago this post was made, doh.
  8. I've just put coilovers on my 350z and when I go to put the hubs on full lock they don't stay there(up off the ground), it doesn't full self centre... I'm pretty certain my last 350z, after installing coilovers, didn't do that. I can't remember if it does it both ways, I'd have to check when I'm back at the unit tomorrow. Any idea what could cause it? Yes coilovers are on properly. It's not stupidly low.
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