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  1. Anth4130

    350z shafts

    After a pair of drive shafts Price posted to mainland UK / I can collect if local enough to Hartlepool
  2. I used MLR 10w50 when I was using the V6. No oil cooler, never had any problems. Standard grade oil I was getting low oil pressures when it was hot (I hot lapped if the opportunity was there), on the off chance I tried the thicker oil before putting a cooler on and it was fine so kept running it.
  3. As title says Posted be great.
  4. That's what I bought it as... No noises.
  5. £1500 for both Also adjusted prices.
  6. ENGINE SOLD Gearbox - unknown mileage, done around a year of drifting. Missing remote shifter and mount - £500
  7. Sent you a message on WhatsApp
  8. Anth4130

    Best next mod!

    Welded diff Hydro But the biggest down fall in drifting a Z in my opinion is the standard lock, sucks ass. I use a FATUK kit. Better than wisefab and not as expensive. Just realised how long ago this post was made, doh.
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