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  1. Hi gang, I was wondering people experiences with forged VQ'S. It would be great if anyone with a forged engine could say what went into their build and how many miles they had out of it? Also any detrimental effects they noticed over stock.
  2. Dom187


    Price drop to 300, need Em gone
  3. Dom187


    Looking for 350 collected, had hardly any use... Size wise they are 265/40/18 and 235/40/18 and I have 2 of each size. DSC_3089 by Dominic Martino, on Flickr I had to move them from the garage inside before taking this pics. 2017-01-02_02-46-03 by Dominic Martino, on Flickr
  4. Paypal ok? send as gift or cover the fees to dom2497@gmail.com
  5. 50 posted to the UK (Seen the prices have changed since I bought this!)
  6. As per title, in excellent condition: £70 posted to mainland UK
  7. No i remember a Nismo exhaust been put up for sale and sold in about 10 minutes! Hmmmm I might have to look for more stuff to sell!
  8. Prov sold, pending payment. Is that a record?!
  9. Here I have for sale my HKS Hypermax LS+ Coilovers. These are very very rare in the UK... You can find details of of the coilovers here : http://www.nengun.com/hks/hipermax-ls- The kit is in excellent condition, only thing to note is that there is a couple of small splits on the gators (I think these would close up once they have some weight on them anyway) and the kit does not include C spanners or the adjustment bits. You can adjust the suspension using allen keys anyway. The rear spring perches are brand new. The suspension has no leaks, the kit has done about 5000 miles which is verified by the condition of the finish on the suspension, there no corrosion at all. I am looking for £600 but I am open to offers.
  10. Prov sold the spacers. Belt is still for sale.
  11. I am based in Norwich mate, I also hate paypal as well! I could give you my address or something for security if you wanted to do a bank transfer.
  12. Just sold my car, I got the most intrest on PH and ebay if its any help. Sold it to a guy who saw the advert on PH.
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