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  1. yeah Neil cant wait, never had a 4x4 but wont be taking it offroad aa its brand new , cost me alot of pennys and also its not a hardcore offroader like an X5 landrover or Q7...... and Vik will do..... ;0)
  2. well I have now just part exchanged my zed so wont be so active on here anymore. Will drop by from time to time to see what everyone is up to with there cars etc.... got 12000 for it so not too bad especially for a part ex..... everyone now must be wondering what I have gone for. Well its a bit of a marmite car really but I like it so thats all that matter I went for a brand new XC90 in ice white in R Design spec 2.4 diesel fully loaded.... got to wait 10 weeks for it though so whats your views on the volvo.... like a said you either like then or you dont..... Anyway thanks to everyone for there support and friendship especially Zmanalex.....
  3. please lock as part exchanged car.... got 12,000 for the trade in...... ;0)
  4. Sy........... And like I said your welcome to view mine when I get back....... I'm only down the road...........

    2 Owners?

    Sorry forgot to give you my linky to my car for sale........... viewtopic.php?f=56&t=47785

    2 Owners?

    Personally I think your mad thinking of paying that kind of money for a DE I have a 313HR Roadster for sale for £12,200 and I'm only down the road. It has done 9000 mls from new and is in mint condition. But at the end of the day it's your money and of course you do as you wish. Anyway good luck mate in searching.......
  7. Right then people......... 2008 313HR roadster Reduced to £12,200 with only 9,000 mls on the clock. Absolute mint. Have to sell due to Baby boy and that I never get to use it due to working over seas. Would like it to go to a forum member hence why I have only advertised it on here......... It's practically a new car.......... :) Must be bargain of the century........ :thumbs:
  8. mods there seems to be a problem with my pics. Is there any chance they can be dixed please Thanks. ;0)
  9. Thanks..... She is an obsolute beaut....... Maybe the mods would be able to fix this problem....??? Slightly different here, they open up if you click on them but the x closes them again...nice Zed BTW Pete
  10. strange when you click on them they come up on mine but must admit they do have an x on them..... But click on the x and then they appears.
  11. Hi there just reduced my 313HR down to £12,200 with only 9,000mls on the clock.......... Am I mad or am I being realistic at this price or do you think I am giving it way at this price. I know alot of you will be saying get it on Auto trader or P/H but to be honest can't be bothered with the trouble of time wasters etc.... also want to keep it in the club. Will have to go soon though as the wife is moaning at me not using it often enough and that I work over seas, so just sits there like an expensive aunament lol........ My link to the for sale thread is below........ viewtopic.php?f=56&t=47785 ***Mods this is not a for sale thread, just looking for opinions from other forum members***
  12. I have a cracker for sale if your interested. Its a roadster but the 313HR version which is the latest one, and must say it's probably the best one around with only 9,000mls on the clock....... see linky below........... viewtopic.php?f=56&t=47785
  13. That does not make sense.... Mine is a 2008 Roadster HR and did not come with a satnav. Mine was also an Ex-demonstrator which only had 2,500 mls when I picked it up. Also why would a factory waste time on installing a sat nav to every HR and then take it out again if the customer didn't specify this option. This to me is just wasting money and time. It would be better as a company/factory to get an order for a sat nav and install it there and then for the customer. It just doesn't make sense, and usually you have to wait a tad longer for an additional option to be fitted rather than having one taken off........ I thought all the late HR Zed's had Sat Nav fitted; Even a base model car had Sat Nav I thought, I haven't seen a late model without Sat Nav. I'll try and keep it short . Up until the introduction of The HR, every single 350Z had to be ordered from a main dealer and you would specify what options you wanted to be added. After the financial crash, which roughly coincided with the introduction of HR update model, Nissan and their dealership network only brought in 350Z's with the SatNav fitted. You could in general pop along to your friendly Nissan dealer, hand over your cash and drive away with one a few days later...if you didn't fancy one with a SatNav, then you simply placed an order and waited a few months, dealerships figured out that folks would rather pay the extra £1,400 or so rather than wait for an indeterminate time. I worked this out after a conversation with a Nissan main dealer in 2008 when he told me that he could get me one within a week but it'd come with a factory SatNav Pete





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