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  1. .....and all the other pics for changing the pollen filter!!
  2. Does anyone know how I can access the old photos from the above instructions on how to locate screws for removing glove box?
  3. Adrian many thanks. Will go ceramic performance route and DOT5 fluid unless you recommend any specific fluid? Cheers
  4. Adrian. Mines a 370, suggestions welcome. Cheers
  5. Yeah! Thought about it after posting....370z 2010
  6. Hi Adrian, I’m looking for the same I.e. road and occasional track use. What do you recommend these days (also suggestion for brake fluid would be welcome)? cheers Gordy
  7. Thanks very much. Great help. Window reset is all that's needed. Happy.
  8. Hi both driver and passenger door windows have stopped returning to closed position when closing the doors. Drivers door seems to then drop further with each open and close. Nissan suggested something about lubrication or realigning the runners. any suggestions welcome cheers
  9. Many thanks both, additional pump certainly seems sensible way forward. In normal road use I have a significant vacuum that builds up, seen when I release the petrol cap for refuelling. I tested this as potential problem when on the track but it was unrelated. It’s not causing a problem, so far, but ordered if this is normal on the 370?
  10. Is it possible to add a second pipe or enlarge existing, or any other solutions?
  11. I Just returned from my first track day in my 2010 370z which I’ve owned for a month. I never had what I think is fuel starvation on what is essentially an OEM car. I’m not thrashing it or red lining as it’s mainly my road car. I found the Engine revs die on long right hand fast bends ie when accelerating, and when fuel gauge is showing just over half full. It’s never done this on the road (but never pushed it properly on the road either) and I’ve run the petrol down to 20 miles remaining. Any suggestions? BTW this cis my 5th car I’ve used on track, and we voted it the best to date....(s3, c63, GTI Ed 30, 911). Big smiles.
  12. Cheers to Mattross, the V6 engine table from the start of this thread looks brilliant in my hide away. Perfect as described!
  13. Hi Payco. Just reshodding mine. Where do you have them delivered and or fitted?
  14. These aren’t run flats are they?
  15. Will listen to a few more but Paycos Arks sounded great on yhe Nizmo





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