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  1. Spotted and waved to you on the M1 by gateway services about 3 ish. Was it you!??
  2. ZcarRob

    Bright Orange 350z - M1 Southbound

    Where abouts on the M1 ??
  3. ZcarRob

    Blue 06 plate 350z

    Waved to you on A10 in cheshunt. Are you here??
  4. ZcarRob

    WANTED Cobra exhaust

    Cobra exhaust wanted for 2005 DE 350z, ideally with the single layer tail pipes. Might be interested in others
  5. ZcarRob

    Japfest 2018 Silverstone Sunday 6th May

    Hopefully I get to go to this and meet some of you guys, sounds like an awesome day. My friend has been going for ages and I haven't been to one yet.
  6. ZcarRob

    Blue 350z Enfield

    Saw you come past bullsmoor lane about 10:30 pm today. Lovely colour in the flesh!
  7. ZcarRob


    I'll pop over after work, only 5 mins away from me.
  8. ZcarRob

    POST YOUR ZED PIC OF THE DAY.............

    Realised I haven't actually put up a pic of mine yet, so here we go.
  9. ZcarRob

    Essex Members?

    Not from Essex but only a stone's throw away from you guys by the sounds of it, I'm a Hertfordshire lad and the London section is dead lol. Bought mine from maldon on Monday, I'll be up for some meets.
  10. Hi guys, had my 350z a week now. Picked it up Monday...... love it!!! Mpg is better than first thought, obviously not driving it properly lol. great forum you have here, loads of info on tap. Look forward to chatting and hopefully meeting some of you in future.