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    Old 04 350z gt. New 06 facelift 350z
  2. First off haven't posted in awhile. My Z has transformed from a road car to a track only car (only in the early stages of track slag build!!) , which leads me to the clutch issue! Installed a new tarmac sports lightened flywheel and RTS stage 1 clutch while the car was still on the road. Although bite point was very low only 1-2" off the floor!! Couldn't get my head around that, tried pedal adjustment, thats best i could get. Did 1000-ish kilometers on clutch no issues, car then taken off the road for track only. 1st track day and during the 5th 15min session the car just suddenly wouldn't go into any gear while running. Goes into all gears when off. Was like the clutch wouldn't disengage. Had to start car in gear to drive it back on to the trailer. Suspected hyd issue but new slave, braided lines and motul rbf660 all installed not long before clutch. No air, fully bled. Removed gear box today to find the clutch disc had cracked / torn in 2 places and seperated along the outer edge between each. Surprised at this as car only has breather and exhaust mods. Oh its the 2006 rev-up! Would this damage prevent it disengaging though? Or is there another issue here too? Maybe master cylinder gone too? Oh damage is on the pressure plate side not flywheel side. Any help at all would be great Dave
  3. Banana arms!!!! I had similar, replaced drop links and only slight improvement. Banana arms were the culprit. Replace both sides while you're at it.
  4. I'd take the bumper vent if you could post to dublin
  5. What about a Maserati quattroporte... 10 yr old model. 4.2 Ferrari v8 í ½í±¹í ½í±¹í ½í±¹
  6. Cheers guys. Found one on eBay in Japan.. Off a Jdm model. Fitted perfectly í ½í±í ¼í¿»
  7. Broken the adjuster part for L/R has disintegrated and come off!!!!!
  8. Hi need a switch unit for drivers door card
  9. Ok great thanks. Was getting conflicting information elsewhere on the web
  10. Hey guys, With the rear springs in the eibach pro kit which end is the top and which is the bottom.. Is the closer wound end on the bottom as in the pic or other way around?
  11. Electric mirror switch from drivers door handle if available? Will it fit a 2006 facelift?
  12. How much for springs and ship to DUBLIN?





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