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  1. thanks sorted now
  2. sorry 350z o6 plate
  3. im looking for headlight washer bottle near side anybody got a cheap one lying around thanks
  4. as far as the road tax is concerned the cut off for lower tax was beg of 06 ive got a an april 06 car and pay the higher road tax £515 even thou its still a de so i would def check the car first if this is an issue
  5. i use bungeys cheap and come in differant sizes lot more secure
  6. its not i tried to and ended up spending a fortune
  7. well final part arrived today and all working woop woop . thanks for all the advice
  8. bold lol daft yep only wanted to change armrest ending up half the car and still not sorted yet and now broke
  9. im in process of doing interior and turned into a nitemare you need to replace every part cntre consul down to arm rest turns out to be a pricey operation as none of the preface- post are compatible if you need a list give me a shout
  10. hi i think you are right thats the only thing i didnt swap ive just ordered a facelift one so hopefully soves the problem
  11. i am in the process of upgrading my car from prefacelift to post face lift interior ive got all the changed all parts from centre consul up gear surround and armrest after a lot of hassle . the new heater control unit is working in all functions but not switching off in off position . any ideas would be appreciated
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