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  1. mods - apologies if this is the wrong place! http://www.autovillage.co.uk/used-car/nissan/350z/mtz_79538_44465601 I exchanged it a few months ago to Land Rover SL0 5 UCZ I have the locking wheel nut and the replacement Brembo disks and a Horsham Developments mod that I never fitted! Locking wheel nut you can have for free (I will post as well) Cheers Tim
  2. time has come to bid farewell to the Z, I can honestly say it was of the most fun cars i've had the pleasure to own, 3.5 V6 DE was a torquey little beast that liked to wiggle it's bum, turned heads and made me feel a million quid. Surprisingly it was also one of the most reliable cars I've owned - it broke down twice in my 3 years. Once for a flat battery (original @ 90k miles) and the second time it didn't actually break down but the battery in the remote died and it wouldn't start. This time it was the wifes turn to pick a car, she went a bought a discovery sport.. I just want to give my first impressions 1. It's is very comfortable 2. It's is very fat 3. It's very comfortable The same ride from Edenbridge to Croydon I used to take in the Z being a smile generator is now a 'Oh @*!# the cars going to fall over!' The electric need some getting used to as does the sub 350z mpg. On the whole though, i think it might just grow on me it's not dead when accelerating, fair whack of torque but power is dire frankly! Anyone else gone from z to suv? Do you get used to the lack of pace?
  3. A phrase from my youth springs to mind when speaking about mopeds. "like riding a fat bird, great fun till you get found out" :teeth:
  4. bloody hell if you get bf1 and titanfall 2 its 40% off FML
  5. WTF Origin just did bf1 on 30% off and i am just over the 24hr period of getting the game in and launched FFS
  6. Caved in, just bought BF1. Titanfall 2 will be next..! Going to update my system though - need a new MB, RAM, CPU, GPU. my first port of call is always overclockers.co.uk anyone got a good suggestion?
  7. If you get the fat daddy package it's £104.98 on origin
  8. Not sure what to go for either - I'm real tempted to go for GOW4, Titanfall 2 and battfield 1 but £100 for bf1! Crazy money! I think my PC needs an upgrade too shiny new I7 32GB Ram and the latest Nvidia in SLI should do the trick..then HTC Vive.. :teeth:
  9. But surely the drivers job is shared by signal men, platform staff, etc. Even our back end station is manned during busy periods. Since Southern have been in the media with conductors going sick and not turning up for work, they have suddenly come out of the wood work and put on an elaborate flurry of PR trying to be recognised. Frankly the use of a conductor especially on the main routes duing peak when station staff are plentiful is absoultely not needed. In the 12 years I have been commuting with every person that's fainted or needed a ticket the conductor has not been there to help, in fact when you call the emergency buzzer, you get through to the driver! The role will soon be extinct and any measures to prevent that from happening are frankly getting in the way of technology. On the above note about people losing their jobs because of the strikes: anyone being sacked because of the strike either needed to find a better employee or a bit of personal motivation to not be a on a final written warning. Though it stands that someone is always paying - I'm driving 15miles on top of my 1hr 30 commute to keep myself in the office, or I work from home, in which case my colleagues get a*rse that someone's working smartly instead of seen to be 'chopping wood' maybe i should heed some of my own advice..! Southern have already secured the jobs but put the caveat in that trains are not guaranteed to run without a conductor i.e. conductors decide to be sick and bring down the service, yet the RMT still will not listen. Frankly I would have offered 4k instead of 2k and given them a 1.5k payrise. 2k now and 1K January 20th and 1k March 2017 pending a cease on strike action. RMT need to go to be legally analysed to the impact and loss of earnings during this period with a substantial fine for the guilty party Tim
  10. Thinking about spanking some cash on some new components and gettnig an HTV VIVE, anyone got one? I brain keeps saying..wait..wait 2 years and it'll be cheap as chips, mainstream and probably a lot better. But it's so cool!
  11. Got asked to present my ticket today by the inspector really felt like asking if he was particpating in the strike.. so no more but just ask the question
  12. Anyone else on here absolutely fed up to the max with it. Bring on driverless trains..





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