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  1. Hi all anyone got a + bettery terminal uk spec ? Thanks vortec27
  2. bit of an update guys, after a second opinion it turns out my radiator isn't burst at all! but my power steering cooler is but iv got one on its way from zmanalex as we speak. its saved me £450 but im a little gutted because I thought I was getting a mishimoto radiator . where are you located dave? im meeting up with vlad in Birmingham after the mapping session and staying the night there. would be great to meet up with a few of you if youre close Luck was on your side then chubs . Because takeing the rad/fans out with a vortech sc is Long!
  3. Chubs did you have to take it all off! ?
  4. because its a supercharged map and I want Mark at Abbey to do it as It seems he has the most experience in mapping forced induction zeds. Youre thinking of TDI North but I don't think they've done any f/I zeds as far as I know Yo chubs takeing the fans/rad out is a nightmare just because the vortech sc is in the way! Best way to get fan\rad out as you have to pull it upwards is to undo Sc from bracket & give it a little wiggle lol. If lucks on your side you might not have to start takeing of the vortech sc intercooler cast pipes!!! like i did. : -0 oh I forgot bumper off too & yes fan do bolt on
  5. Hi bros anyone used one of these clutch on a z ? ..ACT 6 Puck Sprung for the Nissan 350Z 2003-06 VQ35DE and Infiniti G35 Coupe/Sedan 2003-06 VQ35DE. The kit comes with a heavy duty pressure plate, 6 pads spring disc, throw out bearing, and pilot bearing. If so what's it like ? Thanks vortec27
  6. Hi mark yes thats what I ment to say ?
  7. Vortec27


    Is it a special tow rope ? Lol
  8. Hi mark how much over 400 bhp at the hub are you running on the stock DE ?. Also what's the limit you can push on stock block ? Thanks vortec27
  9. B8's now fitted & they are good stuff
  10. Is your car supercharged or turbo'd? It's supercharged v2
  11. As I'm looking into one of these kits too
  12. Not compressing is a good thing OK we are talking minute amounts here it's not a hose pipe running into the inlet it is a mist sprayed into the inlet air stream, this cools the air. The air is very hot from the SC and even with an IC still hot enough to cause det if, like me, you are stupid enough to run high comp pistons and after market cams. The water turns to steam in the cylinder and should not cause any damage the "not compressing" has been referred to as the steam engine effect - in the good old days they ran engines on steam and it can (as it becomes superheated steam by the fuel burn) increase down force on the piston and therefore torque - the reality is if it does you probably wouldn't read the figures on a dyno its not enough in there. But again we go back to its cooling properties - that's what I use it for and it works 2 tuners on 2 dyno machines can detect knock without the water so I'm keeping it K how London did kit take to fit ?
  13. Hi chubs mgt racing are a skyline specailst garage don't worry they know there stuff



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