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  1. Interested in this meet if any places become available ?
  2. Interested in the cosworth Intake any pics ? ross
  3. Alright I was talking to a lad at work and he seems to be under the impression that if your car battery dies or is disconnected a remap would be erased and it would go back to standard settings??? cheers in advance
  4. Another service and health check on my 350z Friday Can't recommend Mitz and the team enough, Open, honest and knowledgeable with great value for money
  5. 1. MikeyM 2. Olly350z 3. Erni902 4. kayjay0_7 5. Taybo 6. Riichard 7. Doom! 8. Munton87
  6. Guys Been held up in Birmingham and not going to be able to make it Have a good one ðŸ‘ðŸ»
  7. 1) Andy Muxlow 2) j0bj0sh 3) Matt89 4) Suprawookie 5) Munton87 6)
  8. Guys/girls I'm interested in this little meet as I'm only 10 mins away
  9. Thurs 8/9/16 @ 19.15ish Was speaking to you about mods before I had to shoot of to work Cheers Ross
  10. Alright I'm the owner of the gunmetal zed you parked next to in the car park Cheers Ross





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