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  1. Nice one, I have the sport and love it to bits, just needs a bit more power.
  2. To a certain degree I would agree with you and it's a lot different to my previous merc sprinter which had over 250K miles on it but having ripped around goodwood the other day, it reminded me of years when I had a little 5 GT turbo as it lifts its unloaded rear wheel when cornering hard, surprisingly chuckable for a van.
  3. Standard sport spec which has air con, cruise, heated half leather, lane assist, hill assist, driver alert, blue tooth, the lust goes on really, plus nav and led's in load area. Great van though.
  4. So a little while ago I sold the Zed and then last week my replacement arrived.
  5. Waiting for the chap to come round and pick her up, just reversed her out onto the road and sat there thinking I should have sold the Rangey instead.
  6. Great looking car Andy, I have unfortunately let mine go to a new owner, needs must I'm afraid.
  7. Not got a replacement, already had a Fisher Fury in the garage and a Range Rover on the drive so am pretty lucky anyway.
  8. Well unfortunately I have to say goodbye to the zed this weekend, it's been a fantastic car and everyone on here has been equally welcoming, especially the boys at the Zedshed who have, on more than one occasion helped me out with the car. A special mention to Bob who helped with the sale, cheers mate I can't say never say never to owning another one at some time in the future. Cheers everyone.
  9. Humpy, that looks mega.
  10. love to come but unfortunately at Silverstone bsb, enjoy it mate and good luck, started my motorsport life journey at clay in 1978, great little track in a screaming 100 national kart.
  11. Yeah, happy with the finish but hard work to keep clean, hold that, in fact a bloody nightmare to keep clean when used as a daily driver in all weather. I got them off Keyser on here, the are Veilside splits, 9 front, 10 rears but only 18's.
  12. Had mine done by The Wheel Specialist in Ferndown Dorset, less than 400 for full refurb, (polish rims & powdercoated centres)
  13. This is true Andy but on a plus side I do have two months off at the end of the season. I'll keep an eye out for you in Barrack Rd.
  14. As much as I would like to come unfortunately I am at Cadwell Park for BSB but good luck Andy.





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