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  1. My reply: GO *UCK YOURSELF EKONA!!! Love you too darling Posting up PMs is a big no-no too, is it not? Tbh Val if you want to go public I don't care, I was just trying to keep the forum a nicer place but hey ho. PMSL!! You sure as hell messed up there then didn't you!
  2. PM just received from Econa: My reply: GO *UCK YOURSELF EKONA!!!
  3. Woah, someone's got their panties in a bunch. Chill out, as Keyser correctly says I was ripping it out of that website, not you. Blimey, must be that time of the month.* I wasnt talking about your comments ...but as you have shown your true colours " Blimey, must be that time of the month.*" You can jog on too!!! *Before you get arsey about that too, it's only meant in jest as a riposte to your testosterone comment, neither of which have any relevance at all to the subject of air filters or my comment. I don't care if you've a pair on your chest or between your legs really, sex i
  4. I may have read the link...that does not mean I have memorised it word for word , as I have explained MANY times...I have NEVER modded a car and am not mechanically minded...in the slightest , is it too much to ask for some friendly advice???? instead of patronising testosterone fueled comments!?
  5. If I knew the 'correct' place I would not have put it here now would I? Get out of the right side of the bed and try helping a girl out huh?
  6. Not sure if this is the correct section for this but here goes, I'v been looking into after market air intake systems I have also been consulting the mechanics Oracle... ( Keyser ), I found this web-site that I thought might be good to share http://www.performance-car-guide.co.uk/ ... lters.html Loads of information/video's ...very informative
  7. For all that a 300bhp car is infinately more dangerous compared to a run of the mill car i tend to feel that its safer in many ways too. I feel more secure in the zed as stupid as that may seem. If you drive like an idiot you can kill yourself in a 1.2 Corsa, driving like an idiot you just do it more quickly in a Zed. However if someone else is driving like an idiot i feel reassured that if i hit the accelerator it will get me out of a situation. Equally if i brake the car stops with force. If someone pulls out in front of me in normal driving conditions i can avoid it and if i hav
  8. Nah just trying to raise a smile It certainly worked for me
  9. I have to say that I find the Zed seat to be THE most uncomfortable seat ever I always get pain in my back and shoulders on a long journey despite constantly trying to reposition the seat, but....I would not sell her...change the seats maybe?
  10. [steve-R ] wrote: ok bare with me on this one... Im now looking to get myself Merc slk350 or 55 AMG to try something differant........maybe I just get bored of cars easily lol." ( approx 24 cars in 24 yrs of driving) So I guess the moral of the story is.........you never really get bored of the zeds power ... ------------- I bought a Mercedes CLK55 AMG after I sold the GTR35 but I sold it after 6 weeks as I felt the ride was just boring ....the 350Z is waaaay more fun Lol! and I thought I was a rarity when it comes to a fast turnover in car purchases
  11. I agree, I drove my GTR35 the way she deserved to be driven ( 162 was my top speed in her ) I always wanted to push for more, since I sold her NO other car gives me the same rush but my 350Z is a lot of fun and much easier on the bank balance to the forum
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