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  1. thanks everyone all the tips are being noted. i think i'll list the car this week then, and i may aswell pay the £10/15 if it puts my add closer to the top.
  2. thanks that will help loads. i may post the write up that i do on here to see if i can get pointers, or would that be considered selling without the 100 posts?
  3. Nope im in wigan. yeah think ill have to take on board all the pointers ive got from here. do you think its better to give too much info about the car?
  4. I think i just need to hold out for someone who wants a orange zed because its a love it or hate it colour.
  5. I thought that too but it was the cheapest sunset zed on the autotrader within 100 miles. now there is a new one on for 6250 but its done 25k more than my car and i was asking for 7.
  6. PH may be the way to go for me then. thats a good idea about the camera CrumbMC, as i took pics with my iphone for my last ad. do you think arty pics go well with adds on PH (photoshop) or do they look too max power??
  7. I did exactly the same, went from a zed to a 318 convert. had it for months and swaped it for a zed again
  8. i dont mind paying 10 or 15 its alot cheaper than autotrader their adds cost £45
  9. I didnt know PH was free. Never thought of gumtree suppose the more sites its on the better much appreciated squee
  10. thanks DannyBoy, il keep all that in mind.
  11. yeah i tried that but i cant even get anywhere close to what i wanted. they all use the same line " 3.5 litre no ones buying theses anymore"
  12. thanks guys the ad expired last week, thats the whole reason i was asking if pistonheads is better.
  13. does anyone sell regularly on pistonheads. Ive tried autotrader but haven't had a single bit of interest even though it says the advert had 200 views a week. I cant post it here because of the 100 post rule. All i want to know is if pistonheads is better for private sales.
  14. WOW 700 quid and your 23!! my renewal is in feb but the lowest ive been quoted so far is £1700 thats with 5ncb and an accident thats not my fault and no points. Just for interest purposes i put in my details without the accident and it was £1200
  15. My zeds the orange one like at the top of the page, it's a 2004 model, thanks for the info guys, didn't know bout me having to wait.
  16. So just had the front of my zed repaired/respayed, cos some idiot scuffed my paint, anyway wanted to get some good car shampoo and wax. I hear there a few put a thin layer of whatever over the car that help prevent small stone chips and scratches. Any ideas which is best or what do you use, Will much appreciate your views.
  17. anyone know how to post pics on this site, bit of a nooby and having trouble because when i try to add the file its saying its too big and the width and length of the pic is too big.
  18. yep its happened to me mate, some idiot on the phone wrote my last zed off in jan, now my insurance is 400 extra. did you claim against the person who hit you, cos you can claim it back. if you didnt move insurance company and dont tell them, or does it get regestered so they all know
  19. yeah seen this one around the hindley area along with a black 57 reg both very nice.
  20. cheers chris that looks AMAZING!!!
  21. synystermike

    gtr to 350z

    Hi everyone, just a quick question does any know if the nissan gtr alloys would fit a 350z also does anyone know someone who has done this??





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