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  1. Took it to my uncles last night, looks like it is the banana arm bushes, going to order some next week and hopefully it will be fixed.
  2. New drop links haven't really helped much, if at all. And its getting worse by the day. Had it at the garage all day and they found nothing wrong but admitted they could hear it. Thought about going to Nissan but found out they charge £108/hour and I'd rather we buy any car it than pay a few hours at those prices for them to find nothing. Anyway, i did a video of it, any thoughts. 20 seconds in you can hear it, right until the end. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I8EMzMy5als
  3. jenic

    Cro's red 350z

    Fancy seeing you here
  4. I'm with elephant (so same as admiral) and paying £1300 for mine. (21, 2NCB) Have you tried adding 2 older drivers? Preferably both women with long licence. Also, you could try increasing your excess and reducing your mileage if you don't need so much.
  5. Depends if your contract includes tethered data (to do it officially at least ) All the new o2 contracts include it, I don't think the old (6months +) ones do but you can move onto a new one if you call them, i don't know what this changes though.
  6. Been trying to find one for a while now, fancy selling it
  7. Love that front lip, where's it from?
  8. jenic


    The easiest way to do it, imo, is to get a container and fill it with your car and all your possessions for the move. Will be costly though! http://www.moving-australia.co.uk/car-s ... tralia.php Then there's the paperwork and tax! http://www.pomsinoz.com/forum/73597-post6.html Surely there will be loads of fairladys from japan you will be able to buy once there?
  9. I really like polarised, but only ones I can find are long and open ended http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/TPI-POLARISED ... 632wt_1156
  10. jenic

    Dodgy Carbon?

    A carbon fibre one is hard to source in the UK at least, especially one that I trust will fit well at least. This is the best I've found, but the seller didn't respond to my email, and I'd want to see a fitted one before buying: http://www.express-enterprise.co.uk/sei ... -5364.html (unless i was a guinea pig getting the development one cheap ;))
  11. jenic

    Dodgy Carbon?

    A nice, well priced, VS style front lip. That fits perfect. Non CF copy - http://www.epracing.co.uk/Aero-Kit/Niss ... 8-100-812/
  12. Mine seems to roll back slightly after applying it. For example, if i'm on a hill, out of gear, footbrake on. Then pull the handbrake on, let off the footbrake and the car will roll back slightly before being held/ Is this normal?
  13. My experience is it blends in and goes un noticed. Maybe its living so close to Bradford and Leeds that any sort of Jap performance car is a common thing? I found my old clio 182 got more looks and comments!
  14. jenic

    Where to buy a lip?

    I thought buying a Jap car would mean loads of parts available off the shelf and in stock, how wrong I was





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