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    Used car sites

    Ég elska þig
  2. Aglii

    Used car sites

    I will find an okey 2.5l R33 for 4000 right? From what ive seen atleast So cheap in the UK!!! If not i will make it 5000p, then i would have to wait 2-3 months, but i will have 4000 upon arrival, but no more then that unless its the perfect car! I could sell a skyline for example 2.5l, 70k miles. Good condition for 8000pounds here in Iceland easy
  3. Aglii

    Used car sites

    Yes, but not ship, i will drive it to denmark and take the ferry, then i can have it on british plates for 1 year, so i dont have to pay all the taxes which are about 2700 pounds, then i can pay them after a few months instead of paying them all upon arrival, which is way better for me Then i have Nissan 300zx TT, 350z and skyline, just need the silvia s15 and my dream is complete And yes bugdet is nothing crazy, just around 4000p, but from what ive seen i can get a good 2.5 for that, seen a few with 70000 miles for 3500
  4. Aglii

    Used car sites

    Can you guys name me a few good sites, know of pistonheads, going to take a skyline R33 2.5 with me from the UK when i stop working
  5. I am trying to find a new company to buy laptop screens from in the UK(Have a computer repair company here), and they look kinda good and have good prices, anyone heard of this company or have expirence? They are on ebay and also http://www.accupart.co.uk/
  6. Lowered price for both heads, complete even with valvecovers 140 pounds shipped, dont have anything todo with this
  7. And yes this buy it now price which is around 390 pounds is with shipping, but will take any offers as i need this gone asap, some one who sells used parts can make good money of this , seen traders here want JUST for alternetor and ps pump 200 pounds, complete set(2) of heads with everything even cams, valvecovers, solenoid, headbolts, valves, springs, retainers,lifters All timing chain assambly, full kit, waterpump Oil pump Complete AC system incl compressor Crank pulley,Idle pulley, and AC pulley Lower oil pan(the small one) Timing covers front and back VTC timing cover plates Alternetor bent pulley alternetor is fine Power steering pump bent pulley pump is fine Cam sprokets Crank sensor, and both cam sensors Both solenoid OEM Headunit Engine cover(the plastic with nissan logo) Both engine mounts(not the motor mounts) the ones that go on the engine
  8. I did email him Shipping cost he said going to be $2000 lol Lol i paid 300 dollars for a full true dual exhaust from USA and that was to Iceland I even just paid 900 dollars for 170kg engine from the USA, 2000$? he must be on crack
  9. http://www.ebay.com/itm/301067169527?item=301067169527&viewitem=&vxp=mtr List of parts in description Except pulley on both alternetor and ps pump are bent, pump and alternetor itself are fine, forgot to add that and i am editing that now Will take best offer
  10. Hahahah, Almost woke everybody up in the house, i laughed so hard :lol: :lol: Then ill have to let them know, becouse thats not me anymore, thats to bad then as there are no laws about filesharing search engines being illegal in Iceland
  11. Need to chase all these crazy guys from 350z-uk..
  12. I guess alot of people would like to do this, looks waaaay better then the ones you can buy, and also the ones you buy are really expensive.. http://my350z.com/fo...nfsp-style.html This is not a complete list but it help a bit. Its from my350z, you can find all this in your local hardware store.
  13. Aglii

    engine dress bits

    Yes seems pritty straight forward this DIY Also look 30x better then the ones you can buy http://www.nfspmotorsports.com/forum/MGalleryItem.php?id=1790
  14. That sucks you get insurence quoteas after your points on licsence, we just get it after accident records here in Iceland Thats ALOT of money for insurence And our max is 1000 pounds, for the BEST insurence package a year, no one no matter if he had 200 accidents will pay more then that. Ive been paying around 400-450 pounds a year since ive got my liscense at 17 years old



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