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  1. I'll take that as a 'no - it can't be done' then?
  2. Only I'm driving to Germany shortly and the KPH numbers in the speedo dial are soooooo small I can't actually see what speed I'm doing in KPH.
  3. How does that front spoiler get over even the merest of speed humps???
  4. Hi guys Well thanks for all the replies - fantastic - and the links to other threads (cheers Carla). Clearly sports bags are the way to go together with keeping a rein on the missus clothing, shoes etc... Also thanks for the piccy of the (not-so) hidey hole. I was expecting some awesome new chamber to be revealed but no...its the rear glove box Again - thanks chaps & chapettes for all your time and effort spent replying!
  5. When people say 'hidey hole' behind the passenger seat are you talking about the (very) shallow 'tray' hidden in rear compartment??? If so you can barely get a passport in there so I'm a little confused.
  6. Great thread 1 question - When you get on the Autobahn how do you know you're on an unrestricted speed limit bit? Is the default unrestricted and you wait to see signs saying (say) '100' to know you are now on a restricted bit? If so, how do you know when that restriction has finished?? Sorry for the questions but I'm driving to Nuremburg myself in 6 weeks for the first time.
  7. Right...I got it done at Kwik Fit yesterday for £50 as I couldn't be arsed waiting for the stuff to arrive from e-bay and then fouling it up myself They managed to get the temp down to 3.5 degrees C (Yep 3.5 degrees C on the gauge read-out) from 4.5c. Only 1 degree but well over a 10% improvement throughout the temp range. They take the measurement by blocking all of the vents except 1 and sticking the gauge in that one. They were most impressed. Apparently its VERY rare to get a reading of 3.5c and he has only ever seen a few 'German Jobs' get close with 3.5c to 4c readings (
  8. Hi Guys Am doing the Europe thingy with the missus for 11 days shortly and am just beginning to see the (lack of) luggage space problem that comes with the Z. So, I need to get creative here! Short of not taking the mrs I can only think of swapping the spare tyre for a can of tyre weld which will free up a bit but do you guys have any other tips? I don't really want an external solution (roof rack etc) just some small tweaks that can be done internally like the one I've just mentioned. I've got a bad feeling about this though. Cheers
  9. Only I fancy doing it myself as you can get the cans of EZ Chill from car accessory shops or e-bay for about £17 I believe - and this will do 2 cars. There's a You-Tube video of how to do it here and it seems REALLY simple, like blowing up a tyre: Anywho...anyone know where the port is (to plug the can into) on a 350z? A picture would be handy if anybody has one.
  10. Per the title - anyone done it? I'm a 'fair' driver and have a (2006) 296 bhp Z which I was contemplating taking on a track day so my questions are: 1. How did you get on and have you got any tips for setting up the car? Nothing to elaborate mind its just a bit of fun. 2. Am I likely to be left behind by all of the Chavs in their highly tweaked 500 bhp euro boxes? Cheers.
  11. Can I just say that it is VERY important that you un-tick 'Preserve Favourite Websites Data' in the Delete Browsing History screen in IE v8. I was tearing my hair out before doing that.
  12. Hmmm...I've just bought a 2006 reg car - I presume you can tell by (say) the different front grill? Power output stated in the Hand Book? etc
  13. I've seen this term before "MY06" - what does it mean? Yes, yes "Newbie alert" I know
  14. I don't suppose it can be retro-fitted either...damn shame...seems like an awfully good function to have.
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