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  1. Thought I'd keep posting my modding progress on the ST in my old thread, so far she got........... Custom S/S zorst (including decat) courtesy of Simons@EK The CAT's on Fleabay right now (There is no DPF).......... K&N 57i CAI with custom S/S Induction Box...... ToyoSport FMIC...... Forge Silcone Boost Hoses..... And finally some BlackEyes (Dont really make it any faster but they look quite cool)..... She currently running at just under 200bhp/380ft/lb of torque........ Pretty decent for a Derv IMHO
  2. Honestly could not answer that question as I purchased my Z with it already fitted, but know that the previous owner had fitted it under his ownership. He owned the car for 2 years and I've had the Z a few months. Looking through service history, the previous owner didn't cover more than 10,000 miles. So worse case scenario, 2 years and a few months old and approx 12,000 miles covered. But could be a lot less... Hope that answers your queries. Thanks This looks like a brand new K1! The original owner must have been cleaning it after every drive! I'd be thinking its
  3. Well guys I thought I'd just revive my old thread to keep some sence of order about it! My Zed is now gone! My new mode of transport is..................... a Ford Mondeo ST TDCi! The Ford ST was in the short list but it wasn't till I had a test drive and worked out the potential savings I realised that a TDCi was the sensible option! She's a Panther Black 07 with 41k! (I'll post sum pics later!) Now a K&N induction kit, stainless exhaust with DeCat and a Remap and were sorted! I've already fitted (last nite to be precise) some sexy LED's in the footwells and puddle lights!
  4. Thought I heard you mumble something like that at Loch Doon! We must get together at some point and compare 1/4's
  5. Japspeed Zorsts only fit pre 06 models! Trust me I've been there! Get a Scorpion if your budgets tight. Most swear by them! I had a japspeed exhaust on my rev-up 2006 stu It fitted fine... you lot are just unlucky I have since discovered that Nissan in there ultimate wisdom decided for a 6 month period (roughly betwwen the 56-06 models) to slightly alter the route the exhaust takes under the car...............then change it back 6 months later!
  6. I have been to view a white 08 mazda3 mps 22.5k £9995! quite nice! They had a red 57 leon cupra 28k £10995! looked ok! Nic loved it! Always nice to keep the other half happy!
  7. vauxhall astra sri 5 door 1.9cdti? I said no Diesels! Seriously though the ST is really starting to look like the sensible option. Fast, fun, practical, isofix points, cheap to run. It really looks like it's going to be the winner!
  8. I would seriously look at a mk5 r32 golf if you can. Even in 4 door its pretty meaty and very reliable Seen a nice R32 with the DSG box! Not my style! Golf=
  9. Bare in mind the fuel consumption is similar to a Z! Evo did a buyer's guide recently and there's a surprising amount that goes wrong, especially on early cars. +1 I once went to look at a cheap R26 after a rain storm and the central locking was going haywire. Fortunately someone else had bought it before I got there. No one mentioned the Mazda 3 MPS yet? Not the best to drive but 0-60 in 5.9s and low profile. Expensive road tax though. It's not cost thats making me get rid of the Zed, It's the lack of backseats! Mazda 3 MPS is a good call but just not for me!
  10. Think this mite be a Still funny as hell though! Think I'll order two Mite as well get a Turbo Whistle and an Electric Supercharger while I'm at it! and a couple of Sport badges! You can never have too many of them!
  11. Japspeed Zorsts only fit pre 06 models! Trust me I've been there! Get a Scorpion if your budgets tight. Most swear by them!
  12. +1 +1 Please dont do it! She's lovely! Just imagine!
  13. If and when I have a need for a hatch sized car I'd be looking seriously at the Renaultsport stable too. As a default choice the MKV Golf GTi is a good option (or Seat equivalent) and that goes for the VAG diesels too. For something bigger I'd probably look at BMW's. Had a look at a Renaultsport Megane 225 on saturday! Looked really nice (Not sure if Nic's sold on the big arse though! ) 58 reg with only 17.5k on the clock for less than £10k The only bit that worries me is the dodgy electrics! I've heard all these thing about the Type R and it's them that are putting me off!
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