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  1. Was I right Urban4..Wife was on your case to get a four seater..!!! :scare: Sadly not dude, she's more pi**ed about the custom chopper I'm building!!
  2. Wow, some serious amounts of comments which I thought might happen, even checked the forum a few days ago but couldn't find anything. As HollowP said I put it on there for that price as that's what I want for it regardless of what it's worth to anyone else, I absolutely love my car and wouldn't just sell it for the sake of selling it. As for a few of the comments all the parts are 100% genuine, the rear bumper I had filled as I personally think vents look naff and the front is an Aerosync polyurethane bumper as I've had it running seriously low at times so didn't want to smash it to pieces with a cheap fibreglass one. I'll keep the listing up and if it sells it sells but I'm not worried if it doesn't. Thanks again for all the banter it was a fun read.
  3. I've got a set of Eibach 5,10 and 15mm spacers the only thing you have to change after 5mm is the bolt lenghts on the hubs, these are supplied with each set of spacers. Just run with open ended nuts and you'll be fine.
  4. Dude with that wheel set up and tyre size you could fit a 15mm spacers on the rear and not even worry about rubbing on the arch. You have to lower your car though as the lower you go the more negative chamber you can achieve, this natural directs the top edge of the tyre inwards under hard acceleration and cornering. In this pic I'm running 19x10.5" 265/35/19 ET7. So if you take your 10" ET20 rims and put a 15mm spacer on it you'd be down to ET5 but because you've only got a 10" not 10.5" it'd be snug but not rubbing, or could play it safe and get a 10mm spacer. Regards the wheels wobbling if you get Eibach hub centric spacers hey have a moulding which come off the spacer and hugs you wheels like your hub does, normally about £120 a pair.
  5. I'd go for: 19x9.5" 235/35/19 ET8 (no higher than this offset) 19x10.5" 255/35/19 ET8 (no higher than this offset) Then get coils and slam it hard and apply some negative chamber to your rear arms. Looks bad ass but you do get tyre wear only on the inner edge of your rears. It's a price you gotta pay!
  6. Not 100% how low it is, I just tweak it here and there to get the perfect fit. These are ET12 with 5mm Eibach spacers all round, 235/35/19 front and 265/35/19 rear. You have to roll the rears though, but if you had a 255/35/19 on the back there'd be no need to. And yes they do clear Brembo's, £1770 for the set. This is my summer set up, you can see with a 255/35/19 rear there's plenty off room, so no need to roll. There do run aggressive so if you don't mind your rear wheel poking out 10mm, do it! Josh
  7. Just had the arches rolled this morning, was running 255/35/19 on a 10.5 ET8 with my GTS but this new setup it 265/35/19 ET7, just that extra 10mm of tyre and 1mm of offset was enough to make it non rideable, runs perfectly now.
  8. Volk GTS are off suspension jacked up and new winter rims applied.
  9. No dude just on KW V3's, slammed on it's arse! Just jacked it up though for winter riding with bigger tyres and meaner rims, I'll post up a pic now.
  10. Matte black headlight internals and I think she'll be finished!
  11. Look up 'The Wheel Specialist' they did a great job on all 4 wheels for £300
  12. Does the APS system require a full engine rebuild?



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