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  1. Apologies - my iPhone is NOT the 3GS generation but it does work fine with the new 3.0 upgrade.
  2. Hi JTec I have a similar Alpine unit and mine connects faultlessly with my iPhone post software upgrade. I had some initial teething problems however and managed to get around them by first backing up my phone via iTunes then completed a factory reset. Once reset, I re-synced my phone with the upgraded software and with the backed up content. Connected A1 through the connector and via Bluetooth since. In fact, I would consider the Alpine unit to be one of the best purchases I've ever made! Make sure you've backed your stuff up first though - especially contacts as this could be a nightmare!! Good luck.
  3. 100% correct. What on earth were they thinking? Definitely an off-day for our friends in Stuttgart. Still shaking my head in disbelief . . . . . .
  4. Watched the new Terminator film last night. A decent effort it must be said.
  5. OK. Is there an answer to this though?
  6. Cheers. Never searched for "smelly vents" before.
  7. H5 - yours looks great. What do you mean by "tugged up a little to close the gap"? BTW, absolutely loving the Alpine unit! The garage that installed it has recommended getting new speakers as well. Will no doubt be asking for further advice shortly. Can't believe I'm thinking about changing BOSE speakers!!
  8. Not sure if I'm posting in the right section but here goes. Due to the recent warm weather, I've been using air con quite a bit. One thing I've noticed is that there appears to be an unpleasant, stale smell as soon as I switch the A/C off and revert to the normal air blowers. It seems to go away as soon as I return to air con. Just wondering - should I get the A/C system serviced or is it something else?
  9. It's a 54. BTW Rob - legend recommendation on the Alpine unit. Amazing!
  10. OK guys. Just thought I'd share some photos with you of my new toys. Following the advice received from other forum members, I decided to buy an Alpine CDE 104 BTi. What a bit of kit! I had it supplied and fitted by a local shop (Road Runner in Llantwit Fardre near Pontypridd). Absolutely delighted with the job and can wholeheartedly recommend them. iPod connection lead runs into the armrest cubby and works (full speed control and charging facility) my iPhone 3G perfectly. Steering wheel controls work a treat too. The built-in Parrot bluetooth unit is amazing. Picks up my iPhone first time, everytime and, I'm told, the sound quality 'on the other end' is excellent. They also carried out a semi-permanent installation of my Garmin Nuvi 710 sat nav (hard wiring it into the dash cubby). Really delighted with this. Cheap and cheerful maybe but extremely functional and looks fine. They only charged me an additional £15 for this! I suppose the only thing I'm not 100% happy with is the slight bowing to the bottom pocket of the facia. Any remedies welcomed. Photos below for those who are interested.
  11. Interesting. I've actually got an old iPod (not sure what storage as I'd need to dig it out) but it might be an idea to leave this in the armrest cubby as a sort of resident hard drive with, perhaps, some weekly syncing. What do you guys think? I'm assuming the Alpine unit will connect via Bluetooth for calls anyway.
  12. Excellent - as always - brilliant advice. Chris - the lead, apparently, is 2m long. See: http://www.alpine-europe.com/united_kin ... 433iv.html As I understand it, the lead also charges the iPhone which will be a bonus. My car is a '54' plate with GT pack. I think the Alpine unit displays the iPhone's music functions so I'd be happy for it to be tucked away. It's better to be out of sight in my car too as I'm always leaving it on the seat (in full view of the criminal fraternity)!
  13. First of all, many thanks to Sunset, H5 and Rob_Quads, in particular, for some expert guidance in a previous topic. I've decided to go with the Alpine CDE 104 BTi unit suggested by Rob_Quads. This unit seems very good and certainly ticks all of my boxes. After quite a bit of investigation, the best supply and fit I could secure (locally) was £302. This also includes the facia, BOSE loom and steering wheel controls. It's being installed on Monday 1st June. I now have a problem that I'd further advice on if possible. I've also instructed the fitter to install my Garmin Nuvi 710 semi-permanently in the dash cubby hole. This will include a hard wire set-up. I've sourced a stubby mount from the US (following previous advice from this forum) to allow the sat nav unit to fit neatly in the cubby hole. Essentially, the difficulty I now have is that the Alpine unit provides an iPod/iPhone link via the back of the unit. I want to connect my iPhone 3G using the included lead. This will provide full speed access to my music. The problem is that the sat nav unit is a snug fit in the cubby hole and there's no room for the iPhone. Where would be the best place to put the iPhone? My original thoughts were to ask the fitter to cut a hole in the lower pocket of the facia in order to feed the lead through which will then connect to my iPhone which will rest on the lower pocket shelf. This is clearly an inelegant solution. Ideas on a postcard please (or ideally, below this initial post)
  14. I'm a passionate Welshman (and a Liverpool supporter to boot) but I'll be supporting Man U tonight. Really proud to be British and will always support a British side.





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