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Recommended trip to RS Tuning for Uprev


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For those out there like me who spend forever reading this forum, trying to find every bit of info and opinion related to each zed related decision, I thought I'd just add one in for the search button to pick out for you:


After figuring out what I needed and where could do it, I decided a trip to leeds was in order to have a remap with Uprev (if that's the correct terminology - still not 100% sure!).


I turned up early and the guys got straight on with the job, everything was clearly explained along the way as I watched my 277bhp move up to 305 :) about a 30ftlb increase in torque too :D


I'd recommend the trip to anyone who's considering it - service is spot on, excellent knowledge, car feels better right throughout the full rev range now - well happy :teeth:

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Brilliant gains :thumbs: What engine/year is your car. Thats a great figure :thumbs:

Revup - early 2007.


There's a chance the gains are so high due to a few prior mods with no remap bringing the power down to the 277 I started at this morning. I don't know what the numbers were before the mods. I'll always wonder, but there's no way of knowing now!

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Wow thats a huge increase!

Is that just from a uprev?

No, there's a few mods on there too - but I don't have the power figures pre-mods: Cosworth inlet manifold; HKS racing suction kit; HKS exhaust.

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