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O ok that makes sense, i would of thought there was an option to only approve the initial post.


Thats what we wanted to set up, but unfortunately its a drawback of the software that forces all the posts to require approval. Its just as much of a pain for us as it is the users, but its better than having to police the board for people posting adverts that are against the rules and without the correct content etc.

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Even with all the rules in place. We still get loads of FS posts breaking the rules. Now, not saying the system is full proof as it's not but it does stop the forum being spammed by dodgy sellers and we like to think it minimises the risk for all members when buying something. Obviously though it's always buyer beware and we simply offer a platform for a sale and not any guarantees of any sort. we've also found (as a plus) that approving every post (a huge ball ache for the team, no arguments there) there is a lot less commenting on prices or 'GLWTS' posts which offer no value to the thread whatsoever.

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