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2005 JDM, HKS panel filter, HKS copy exhaust, sport cats.  I had a misfire and oil pressure low on idle, finally found a code reader that could communicate with the car that gave me a coil error.  I replaced 6 coils with Hitachi and while there checked plugs and done a compression test as advised which gave an average of 165psi within 4 of each other with my cheap tester (think regardless of number the consistency is a good thing) and also while in there done the plenum riser so regardless right or wrong the car has everything done to it I want.


Misfire is gone, car starts ok, fast idles ok, but when it starts to warm up and the idle drops so does the oil pressure.  Idle rests at circa 700 and by that time oil pressure is down to .4-.5Kpa x100 which is about 5-7psi and the oil light flickers.


Kind of trying not to fear the worst but running out of ideas.  Any help (even garage as opposed to self help) appreciated, cheers... 

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Assuming the oil is good and the level correct, I would say confirm the readings with a manual gauge: the senders do fail and should only be replaced with an oem standard one: ebay Chinese copies will be cheap but unreliable. 


With ac off that idle speed sounds right: put the ac on and the idle speed and oil pressure will increase. 

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Sorry, info not on post...  Oil and filter just changed, level top of high mark.


Yes with AC on revs go up so does pressure but it's marginal, don't think ahd trust that as a fix and ah know you didn't suggest that.


So yes, sender was a thought and is probably the next move.





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