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Steering Issues - Power steering rack / Pump?

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Hi Guys, 


Been a while since I've posted. In the past this forum has been a massive help. 


My issue is as follows. 


Had knocking from the front drivers side and almost over night the steering felt overly heavy and wasn't pulling back to centre when driving. Also started making a squeaking noise from behind the steering wheel.  


My mechanics replaced Uppers arms and right banana arm and a few other bits then Had the car aligned. Knocking gone. 


Unfortunately the steering issue is still there. My mechanics are going to try replacing another ball joint, but i had a discussion with a reputable garage on here who said it might be the steering rack / Pump failing. Had anyone else had this issue? I don't want to replace something without being sure.   


I've been weeks trying to sort this and hit a wall!



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Rack and/or pump's are a pretty common failure, it's worth doing a visual inspection to looks for leaks and any PS fluid lying around. 


The Racks are very expensive brand new but I'm sure someone like @ZMANALEX may have one in stock if you do end up changing it. 


PS pump isn't as bad, if you do end up going for us, feel free to drop me a message. We can supply the Hitachi ones which are just as good as OEM. 

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