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2 hour repair of passenger wing mirror support due to some scrote.


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Hi All

Well some local under 16's who really don't appreciate cars did this damage today. That's after having worked on the family car also for 2 days in a row. 

2 x paper clips

! x tube of super glue

! x knackered soldering iron dug out the shed

1 x two pack araldite.

! hour curing and 50 miles later it's solid as rock but looks absolute shite.


Any body have this as a replacement sitting around without my daughter feeling hard done by would be most appreciated to cross my palms.

I can see it being on there some time with the faff of doing it right.



Mucho grateful for any help.








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6 hours ago, ShawnW said:

Everything is fine other than the main arm section. Its holding up pretty well so far as a temporary fix. Thanks for the link. 


You did well with that temp fix pal, quick thinking too. Hopefully get it sorted before long. Only two reason a person would do that, jealously or cognitive impairment. 

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