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Cam position sensor - what part(s) fit a 2005 350Z?


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39 minutes ago, galaxyg said:

Thanks. Bank1 or 2 - That I don't know. Is there any way to tell beyond a garage opening it up?  I'm not very handy.


If you have a photo of the sensor, I can determine which bank it is from that or alternatively, see which side the sensor is removed from - as mentioned Bank 1 is driver side, bank 2 is passenger side. 


How do the garage know you need a new sensor? If it's via reading fault codes, the code says which bank is needed. If they physically inspected the sensors, they would know which bank it is depending on which side of the vehicle they removed it from. 

The bank 1 sensor is straight sensor, bank 2 is slightly angled which should also help determine which one if it's already removed from the car. 

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They were reading a fault code on their machine, not inspecting the car as there wasn't time at the time. The diagnostic confirmed what the Foxwell machine I'd plugged in earlier had said. The ABS Stuff seems to be a red herring, caused down the line by the Cam sensor. Currently the fault is cleared though in another thread I've been advised it'll be back after 3 cold-hot-cold cycles. Foxwell results are below, if that tells anything about the bank.



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16 hours ago, Coz@TORQEN said:

-B1 will mean bank 1 so this is the one you need: 




We have one in stock so can get it sent out tomorrow if you'd like to order it (the couriers have already picked up for today). 

Thanks. Just checking the garage are happy to fit, then will order.

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