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350z de plenum


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For sale- 350z de plenum


Bought this is off Chris at tarmac so I could still drive mine whilst the original was being powder coated, that being said it was only fitted for 3 days. 

No major issues apart from not being as pretty, all the pipes are good, there’s a scratch inside but is nothing to be concerned about. 

£45 + postage unless collection from Worcester 


I can arrange for this to be powder coated or even cerakoted if wanted- obviously will be more in price and will take a bit longer but would be happy to arrange this as my friend is a professional. I will need payment for the plenum up front and a part payment for the coating as once it’s been painted I can exactly sell it the same if it falls through. 

the website he orders his powders from do literally anything you can think of 




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On 04/04/2022 at 14:35, Andymac183 said:

How much for this plus powdercoated bright orange? Interested...

I do apologise i haven’t seen a notification go this 🤦‍♀️ Are you still interested and I can get you a quote next week? 

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