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Replacement Synchros Not Fitting

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Hi all,


Member for ages but finally got around to getting myself a 370z! Had 2 350s in the past also so it's good to be back.


So then, it was found to have synchro problems. It was bought from a trader so it's back with them for a warranty repair of 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th synchro.


After waiting weeks for parts from various places in the world they have all the parts are started putting the box back together... that's where the problems start!


It would appear the 6th gear synchro (maybe more but we haven't got that far yet!) doesn't fit right and seems to be engaging the cone of the synchro too early and severely restricting the ease of rotation of 6th gear. It's almost like the inner diameter is too small but the p/n is correct.


Here's a video of the gear being turned:



Anything jump out? 


Clinging on to the hope it's something simple and I'll get to drive it to Japfest. Fingers crossed!




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Are you sure its for the correct gearbox? There were many improvements with the CD gearbox in its life span, quite possibly have the same part number but for a more recent box hence not fitting. What year model is the box?

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On 01/09/2021 at 12:17, evilscorp said:

What year model is the box?


So, it would appear this has become a thing. 


Heard back off them and Nissan say the 5th and 6th synchro require a new 6th gear and 5th gear input shaft! Having seen two input shafts and the dates  associated with them I assume my 'Box was a crossover version with the old parts. Only reference to any part on the casing is CD8 #1 (trying to see this from a grainy photo so may be wrong!)


Info on the input shaft I found from NissanPartsDeal:


Input Shaft 32200-CD80C -

2012-2019 Nissan 370Z 32200CD80C

Car Production Date: 12/2013-06/2014


Input Shaft 32200-CD80D - I've got this part (I think) but new synchros don’t fit

2008-2013 Nissan 32200CD80D

Car Production Date: 09/2010-09/2012


New parts are inbound so I'll update if there are any more turns in this saga!


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12 hours ago, Matt Pugh said:

Hi Mike, what were your symptoms of your synchro issue?, may have an issue myself lol. 




Oh dear Matt, I hope not!


So it mainly showed itself when changing in to 5th/6th whilst the road speed was low. 30ish mph. It would crunch in to gear. Not your normal speed for 5th/6th I appreciate and it would be ok when going 50mph+


I would also say it was a 'moderate' shift speed. A slower change than if you were trying to do a 1/4 mile but not granny-ing it in! In fact, if I did it slowly, it wouldn't grind at all


Hope this helps and good luck!

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