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Repair and Repaint Job


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Back in June, my car got hit by some guy in a car park. Since then I’ve been sourcing parts from everywhere including members on this forum. Work is now in progress after a 2 month long waiting list to get my car into the body shop (he’s always busy). 

I now have some pictures of updates as to what the repair job looks like. If it’s even half as good as the pictures let on, I’m going to be really happy. 









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Good to find a good bodyshop, Iam in the Trade and I even got it wrong with were I took for some paint work don't get me wrong can see worse but wish I taken to the other shop were I got a estimate from :bangin: 


Iam hopfully going to get it looking better just got me self a polisher today with some Koch Chemie products that have good reviews so will have to see B)


I hope all goes well with yours :thumbs:

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2 hours ago, SHEZZA said:

Glad to see that nismo V1 bumper has been saved. :yahoo:

Yes, I was very worried that I may have had to replace it with a replica. I found a boat builder who deals with fibre glass all day and he agreed to repair it for me! 

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