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4 Forged OEM Rays with Bridgestone Portenza S001 tyres. NOW SOLD!!!!


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After changing to some aftermarket wheels, I now have my OEM Rays for sale. 


The alloys are in good condition, there are some curb marks as you'd expect, the left hand side is slightly worst than the right, with the FL wheel having light scuffing all around the rim, no big chunks missing. The FR and RL are roughly the same, a couple of deeper scuffs but generally look tidy. The RR wheel is the best of the bunch, no scuffs and good clean edge. 


There is same very small bubbling but I only mention this to give you full disclosure, it is only minor and is isn't really noticeable unless you get up close, I only realised when I was taking the pictures and hadn't seen it before.


I wasn't going to refurb these, I don't think the need it, maybe in a few years but for now they'd be fine, also the tyres are pretty much new, the fronts have done about 500 miles and the rears around 1,000 of traction controlled miles, no burn outs, Bridgestone Portenza S001's F225 R245.


Check out the photo's and please PM me or leave a reply if your interested and I'll get back to you. I've 2 prices so you can decide whats best for you.


Delivery by Paisley Freight.


Cash on collection £400


Paypal/Delivery £465




RR P2.jpg

RR P1.jpg

RR F.jpg

RL P4.jpg

RL P3.jpg

RL F1.jpg

FR P2.jpg

FR P1.jpg

FR F.jpg

FL P2.jpg

FL P1.jpg

FL F.jpg


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