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Do Eibach 350z Spacers come with markings on them?


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Hi guys,


I inherited a set of 15mm system 4 Eibach spacers (and some 20mm ones for the front too) which are apparently Eibach. I have 100% confidence in the seller (he's quite well known in the forums) but I can't figure out what model they are.


Reason I ask is because the I needed a replacement nut (I chewed one) and the Eibach UK stockists said I need a hex 17mm head with M12 x 1.25 thread. However, the existing nuts are 19mm head so wondering why. Then, I looked up the product code and that says there's 19mm head :shrug.


350z 15mm Spacers (link

Apparent nuts I need (code S2-112-25-17-19-O - link)


I'm changing these discs BTW



Question is : do all Eibach spacers come with markings on them? Apparently, they do but I'm yet to see any markings on mine or anyone else's I could find on the net.Cheers

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8 minutes ago, ZMANALEX said:

Genuine Eibach spacers will have markings on them.


I only use 17mm shallow open ended wheel nuts for Eibach spacers (M12 x 1.25)

So weird. Do you have any pics at all of the markings? 


Thanks a lot! 

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1 minute ago, ZMANALEX said:

This will be the number: 


 Eibach Pro-Spacer Kit (Pair Of Spacers) 15mm Per Spacer (System 4) S90-4-15-001

Thanks a lot. You don't have a pic of it actually on the spacer do you? Just trying to see where it is 

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4 minutes ago, ZMANALEX said:

The numbers change depending on the spacer type and size.


The number is on the outside edge:






Thanks a lot! Mine are competely bare but they are used. Think the markings could come off? 


Otherwise, sounds like a have knock offs

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