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370Z roadster door locks


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So, my wife's Z driver side door has been slowly getting worse over the last month or so with not wanting to release the door from the exterior door handle.


I removed the handle to see if I could work out what was going on and then the door card, both nice and easy, after you've worked out how to release the airbag connection. 


Then I started on the metal anti-theft panel.


What a ballache.....


It took me hours to get inside the metal panel behind the trim panel and even then I couldn't get it off properly and at what I needed to get at, I decided I wasn't spending half a day dismantling it and putting it back together. 


But I did work out that the cable from handle to lock had stretched beyond tolerance.


Quick check with my buddy at Nissan to find out you have to buy the lock with both cables attached.... FFS


Thankfully my Nissan bud sorted me with staff rates so it got done for around the same as the part cost.


So, word of warning, no yanking those door handles in future..........

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2 hours ago, Wally370 said:

I'm starting to get a similar issue on my 370Z, passenger side door needs to be pushed in a bit then opened for it to unlock. Was the part easy to get straight from nissan? 

Nissan are having the same issues as everyone else because of Brexit, extra paperwork, so it did take about twice as long as usual to get here from the main parts store in Europe.


I'd suggest you check what it is before buying the same part, because nothing made any difference, just pulling the handle more and more, then it finally stopped releasing altogether.

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