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Rev Up Engine Knocking advice please.


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Hi, I've had my Z for just over 8 years now and its just started knocking!! :( It's a sad Z day. I've kept the oil at the top mark since having the car changed the oil and filter, checked the tightness of spark plugs but it's still knocking.


Any advice will be greatly appreciated.


Thank you.



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Sorry to hear of your engine woes.


It sounds like bottom end to me, however, difficult to be informed from where I am sitting.


I would firstly get a stethoscope on it, to trace the area of the noise.


Another thing to check is that the main timing chain tensioner is not broken as these are weak and prone to breaking, however this would give you a heavy ticking noise as would a lobe off one of the cam shafts, so the noise is pointing to bottom end, crank, con rod area.


If that turns out to be the case and you require a known, preowned, low mileage, Rev Up engine, then just give me a shout as I am removing one from a car this week.








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Thanks Alex,  I've had the screw driver to the ear and it sounds quite loud at the front top front right of the engine so that could be a tensioner issue. However, when I got under the car it sounded loud there too but couldn't pick up anything with the screw driver trick. I have an 07 rev up engine, I'll take it to the garage and see if they can better locate the sound but may have to consider the replacement option. I'll PM you reference that if that's Ok. Thank you.


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Alex said the same, I'm swapping out the engine, it's the best option in the long  term :)


What I will do is strip the old engine down to see what was wrong and build up some VQ experience at the same time. At least that way when I'm left with a box of bits it won't matter!!


Thanks for replying. 



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