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Private plate and winter tyres for sale

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Hi I have just sold my Zed and the buyer didn't want the plates or the winter wheels and tyres.


Plate is V6BYY Price £500








I have a set of Nexen Winguard 2 winter tyres.  fronts 225/45/18, Rears 245/45/18.  They were bought in January and have had about 2000 miles on  them.  rims are standard Nissan touring wheels - £250















Any questions, please give me a shout.


Screwed up on original post so trying again!!


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23 hours ago, Bellfour said:

Hi,  No I didn't.  I still have it if you are interested?


Many thanks



Is it on retention already ? and would you consider £400

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A value is only set by the price someone is willing to pay, if it was worth a grand someone would’ve paid that for it :) no harm at all in holding out for what you want for it, but it’s not true to say it’s worth £1k on the hope that someone then sees it as a bargain at £500. 

All IMHO, and the values mentioned by the OP and the offeree would seem to be fair in my eyes. :thumbs:

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Thats true for anything in life I suppose. I was merely pointing out that if is currently on offer on other sites for 1k but I would honour my original post here.


In that case then, I think I will cancel this post and keep the plate and put it on my next car post pandemic.


Or wait for it to sell on the other sites.





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