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Oz Alloy's

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I recently bought a 350Z in the Uk, The car is fitted with 8.5 front 9.5 rear X 19 OZ Alloy wheels. I live in Germany and the TUV (Mot) over here is quite fussy about

non standard extras so I bought a set of standard 18 inch rims. However when I went to swap the rear wheels I found that the rear disk has a lip which the standard rims wont fit over. The OZ rims have a purple seal that fits tightly over this lip which is too big for the standard rims.Does this mean that OZ wheels come with their own disks.

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The rear hubs have a screw fitted which prevents the standard  front wheels being put on the rear hubs by accident.

It is possible you are trying to fit the front wheels on the rear.

This screw can be removed for aftermarket wheels and a small grommet placed.

I've done that.

Haven't got a pic of the screw but one of the grommet showing where the offending screw is


Brake disc gromet






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Hi Guy's, Turn's out the OZ alloy's had an insert thet had stayed on the disk lip preventing the standard rim going on as can be seen in the pic's.Thanks a lot for your prompt suggestions, This is my first Z so im sure this is the first of many panic attacks.




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