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VR30DDTT swap into a 370Z Auto

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Apologies for opening up another thread. But this one has been an interesting topic of discussion in USA.


Weve seen the clubsport car and Z1 work on this project fir SEMA last year and showcased a stripped down car at this years SEMA.


The real question is howcome no one has tried this here. With the numerous Q60 VR30DDTT engines for sale and cheap 370Z Autos available.


I know for the manual car Z1 had to develop their own flywheel and clutch not to mention numerous ECU configurations and parts that were added.


I know the first answer is really expensive. But maybe any traders/tuners or project veterans can add some light as to how come no UK tuners have tried what Z1 have or individuals for that matter.

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I think it literally comes down to someone with enough knowledge and want to do it  or money to pay someone to do it for them 


Cant see tuners wanting to invest time and money into it if its somthing that wouldn't sell


Plus If you want 500hp you can just go supercharger etc

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