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Immobiliser problem intermittent + remote not working

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Hi guys 


i have a starting issue. The car just wouldn’t start and it sounded like no fuel was coming through. I pulled the starter motor fuse and it was ok so I put it back in and the car started. I thought that was the end of it. 

Later on it done the same thing, I pulled the fuse, it didn't make any difference, I pulled it out and put it back again and it started. 

My friend scanned the car and it was showing immobiliser problem not fuel pump. I then realised I’d also lost the remote central locking so I’m guessing that could be related? I tried doing the key fob reset (turn key to on position 6 times etc) but that didn’t work. 

So it seems there’s an intermittent immobiliser fault and to reset it I need to pull out a fuse and put it back in. Obviously I can’t live with it like this. 


Could anyone advise what I’d need to check or replace to get this problem fixed please? Any advice really appreciated 





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Hi. Yes I tried the spare key fob and no difference. I don’t know how old the batteries are in the fobs. I can try and replace the batteries tomorrow.


I have a new battery in the car so it wouldn’t be that 


If it’s not batteries in the fobs where would be next to check? 


Thanks mate 

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I got the key fob batteries and it’s sorted the remote central locking issue but the not starting/immobiliser issue remains 


The car will only start if I remove the 15 amp fuel pump fuse and put it back in again. Then it may start 4-5 times without issue until it happens again and I need to remove and refit the fuse once more 


Any advice on how best to tackle this please anyone? 


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