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[SOLD]370z Nismo - Tarmac Sportz Short Tails - ** NOW SOLD **


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** NOW SOLD **


** Will consider reasonable offers ***


Am selling my Tarmac Sportz Short Tails as I now have an Ark Grip exhaust on my zed.


Am wanting £325.00 which includes shipping. Alternatively I will sell for £300 if buyer wants to collect. I am based in Somerset, near Glastonbury.


Short Tails are in good condition. Please see the pics below.


PM me if interested.






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1 hour ago, Wheels 370z said:

Out of interest.... how does the Ark sound compared to the tails??

The short tails were louder, especially on a cold start. Where as the ark exhaust has more of a deeper growl. 


I bought the short tails not long after buying my 370z Nismo. The oem backbox and tails weren't in great condition and these were a cheaper option for tiding up the back end than forking out for a whole new exhaust system. 


The reason for upgrading the whole system now was because my zed was serviced recently and my mechanic said that the exhaust mid section would need some attention in the near future. That gave me the perfect excuse to get the entire system replaced.

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