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W Brace

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Finally getting around to replacing my W brace as it has just come up as an advisory on the MOT (and it needs replacing anyway).


I'm looking at the ultra racing rear lower 4 points:




Has anyone fitted this. And is it a straight swap for the OEM.


Regards bolts (I am expecting some to be knackered when they come off there are two type listed:




Is this correct?



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Just had my W brace replaced with an OEM part, and can also confirm that the main difficulty is removing the rusted bolts, so it would be prudent to order new bolt set.


The Nissan part number for the bolt set is Z1123422


Hope this helps

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5 hours ago, scobie140 said:

Quick easy job unless the bolts shear. Have drills & taps handy

The frustration I have is getting under the bloody car lol. Will have to take it to the local garage so he can put it on a ramp and pay for labour.


If it wasnt for health and safety and insurance I'd buy a dissused garage and hire it out by the hour for people wanting to do work on their cars - 'fixyercaryerself.com'.

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