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Noble Bernard

Corroded heat shield rattling

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Hi guys,


Just after a bit of advice, during my first track day at Donnington 6 months ago, the heat shield around the exhaust/catalytic convertor came a bit loose and was making a rattling sound. I took it to a local garage, they told me that the heat shield had some corrosion and they managed to secure it as best they could.


However there is still quite a bit of rattling from underneath the car, especially on starting the engine and manouervering at slow speeds. Very annoying and want to get it sorted. Can't hear it at all during normal driving. Just took the car in for service/MOT which it sailed through but they did note - "Exhaust rattle from offside heat shield rotten". They couldn't secure it anymore unfortunately. Is this something I would need to take to a Nissan dealership if it requires a new heat shield? If so would it be relatively cheap to sort or would they completely rip me off?  And would there be any other alternative? 



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Are there not any inherent risks with just removing the heat shield though? Surely it is there for a reason?? Would it not lead to an increased risk of components overheating or burning or even catching fire?


Do many people do this?


Apologies, I'm not great with the mechanical side of things.

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