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Since getting a new clutch...

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I've picked up my 2005 Z today with an all new clutch and flywheel. It's certainly made a massive improvement, especially at low speed. The other one was a bit clattery and juddery more often than not when starting off. However there is something new regarding gears.. has anyone experienced this?


When I picked up the car it was parked nose in, so I put it in reverse and set off. Forwards. I tried a few times and then sought help. Turns out I'd been putting it in 6th. How it can move forwards in 6th is another question but anyway... I figured I was just being dumb after they reminded me to push down to engage reverse and demonstrated. I was puzzled at my own driving incompetence.. but at the same time I never remember in 2 years every pushing down. It was always hard over to the right and pull back. I did sometime fear one day putting it into reverse instead of 6th because they were so close.  I put it down to a temporary lapse until I did the same thing later that same day (today) in a petrol station. Muscle memory did not push down.


Clearly push-down is correct, so the car is better than it was. The question is... have I lost part of my brain or is an old clutch also meaning no-need-for-push. I thought it was some mechanical accidental-reverse-guard.  I can feel the leather boot is slightly folded different, I wonder has changing the clutch reset something here - for the better?

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You are correct, as there is a plate on top of the gearbox which stops you accidentally selecting reverse.


The plate will require adjustment to make reverse selection easier and it is only a 5 minute job..

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